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The Wavelength Conflict Theory and The Full Stack Dilemma

Have you ever wondered why conflict may exist between marketers and programmers in tech startups? I coin this as The Wavelength Conflict Theory.


The Wavelength Conflict Theory: “A marketer and a programmer do not think on the same wavelength. A non-technical founder (NTF) may lack respect for ‘how’ a product is built. A programmer (TF) looks for instant growth due to their thought process …


Marketing a product and building a product both take time, creating conflict between the two parties involved – on such a simple issue as – ‘not seeing eye-to-eye.’

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Investor Communications Is The New Theory To Raising Startup Funding

investor communications theory

Startups have it all wrong when it comes to dealing with investors. Investor communications is the new theory to raising startup funding. The common anecdote of communicating with investors during the MVP-traction stage, or afterwards.

A simpler analogy, think of an investor more like an insurance broker; or a bank – checking off a list to see if a particular startup ticks all the boxes … a general analysis looks something like this: Continue reading


How to share content to 50 locations in 2 minutes

This article got a lot of attention and has been shared on social media hundreds of times. So, we’ve decided to re-write it and make it even better.

You can view the following two updated articles here:



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